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Hpai Biodegradable Green Washing Detergent For Clothes Laundry Plant Safe Sachet


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Green Wash Detergent HPAI
Product Name: Green Wash Detergent
Package Contents: 500 grams (20 sachets x @ 25gr)
Packaging Weight: 550 grams
Code: 42/36/10
Green Wash Detergent Review: 32,035 reviewed
Green Wash Detergent is an environmentally friendly household product. Make clean clothes brilliant. Contains active oxygen which is able to lift dirt and stains to the fabric’s clothing fibers to become a maximum clean.
Made from biodegradable raw materials, which are environmentally friendly materials, so that waste from detergents is safe to be poured onto the soil or plants. It is a super high concentrate detergent (very high concentrate), so usage becomes very economical
Green Wash = Environmentally Friendly Detergent

Green Wash Detergent is even more economical than conventional detergents. The advantages of GREEN WASH are not only more economical, but their power is stronger because they contain enzymes (vegetable) and are environmentally friendly. Even the former soaking water can be used as fertilizer for plants around us. Does not damage the washing machine, the smell is very fragrant and refreshing.

The advantages of Green Wash compared to other detergents sold freely in the market:

Made from raw materials that are environmentally friendly and can decompose on the ground
Save on water use
Save on usage
Clean laundry results are free of bacteria

This is the advantage of Green Wash that no other detergent has:

Super High Concentrate
Detergent with a very high percentage of active substances. With a small amount of usage but able to produce maximum clean laundry results. The use of detergent to wash clothes is very saving one third of other ordinary detergents.
Enzymes Technology
Specially formulated with Enzyme technology. Especially Enzyme Pro tease for cleaning Protein-based stains and Enzyme Lipase to cleanse Fat-based stains. Stains based on protein and fat are stains that mothers often encounter every day on family clothing. And Green Wash is to overcome these stains.
Active Oxygen
Active Oxygen Technology that will remove dirt to the fabric fibers. The washing process becomes easy and practical, no need to rub it excessively.
Added with Optical Brightener, which will make the color of white or colored clothes even brighter. Become more confident with brighter bright clothing colors.
Low Suds
Low Foam, so clean with a little rinse water and very safe for all types of washing machines. In addition to saving water, it certainly saves energy. Because the washing rinsing process is the most energy consuming part.
Prevents and protects metal components in washing machines from rust. When other detergents are often harmful to washing machines, Green Wash instead protects them from rust.
Prevents loose dirt from sticking back during the washing process. Ensure effective washing.
Eco-friendly raw materials so that detergent waste can decompose properly on the ground. Green Lifestyle.

Benefits / Benefits of Green Wash Detergent

Green Wash is the detergent of choice for today’s modern society that values ​​the balance of nature and the environment. Besides that Green Wash has better benefits than ordinary detergents:

Able to produce maximum clean laundry with the use of one third of ordinary detergent
Cleanse protein-based stains
Cleansing fat stains
Lift dirt to the fabric fibers
The washing process becomes easy and practical, no need to rub it excessively.
Make the color of white or colored clothes even brighter
Washing with a little foam is more water efficient
Prevent and protect metal material components in rust washing machines and clothing such as buttons, zippers etc.
Prevents dirt from sticking back during the washing process
And others

Composition of Green Wash Detergent

Substances contained in Green Wash:

Protease: For Protein stains
Lipase: For Fat stains
Amylase: For starch stains
Cellulozym: To keep the colors and fibers of your clothes smooth.

Substances not contained in Green Wash:

Chlorine (Cl): a hardening bleaching agent. can damage fabric fibers, heat in hand and not environmentally friendly.
Filler: filler powder that has no cleaning function, only as a density enhancer. Making detergent use is wasteful.
Crust: detergent residue that does not dissolve completely (due to filler). The crust can cause the washing machine to become damaged.

Rules for Use of Green Wash Detergent

Suggestions for using Green Wash to get maximum results:

Separate clothing that easily wears off
For manual washing, just soak the laundry in the bucket for 30 minutes, rub it on the affected area and rinse once.
A good way to wash is to dissolve detergent first in water, then put clothes on.
Can use warm water for maximum washing results

Use Amount:

Type washing machine twin tub top load: 1 – 1.5 measuring spoons for laundry weight between 5-9kg
Type front load washing machine: 0.5 – 1 measuring spoon for 5kg laundry weight
Manual washing: 0.5 – 1 measuring spoon for 5kg laundry weight

Brand HPAI
Type Organic Laundry Detergent
Product Type Laundry

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