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Bilberry HPAI Capsules – Bilberry HPAI is an herbal medicine for eye health. Many causes of our eyes are disturbed such as being tired from working long hours in front of a computer, or tired from frequent long trips. Well Bilberry HPAI herbal medicine can be a solution to overcome eye fatigue and other eye disorders, so that your eyes are always healthy. Bilberry Herbal Medicine HPAI capsules are made from extracts of billberry fruit. Bilberry fruit has been used since the 16th century in Europe as a traditional herbal medicine to treat vascular disorders and eye illness because it contains active substances called anthocyanosides (one form of flavonoids ) and polyphenols as antioxidants that can improve microcirculation and maintain retinal function. The compound is efficacious for smoothing blood flow to the retina of the eye, also indicated in patients with macular degeneration, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy and increasing night vision power.

Content of Bilberry Fruit

Bilberry fruit contains an active component found in the antioxidant content of anthocyanosides , which is a form of flavonoids.
Anto-cyanoside is a very effective blood vessel stabilizer and antioxidant.
These components are dervative anthocyans (blue, red or violet) in fruits and flowers.
The content of Bilberry ( Vaccinium myrtillus ) strengthens capillaries, which function to protect the eyes from bleeding associated with diabetic retinopathy.
Bilberry contains the active ingredient ellagic tannin and gallo-tannin, which functions to reduce secretions in the eye.
Bilberry fruit contains anthocyanidins that have powerful antioxidant properties that can protect capillaries from free radical attacks.
In addition, bilberry fruit contains anthocyanosides which are useful for increasing bloood vessel circulation.

Benefits & Uses of Bilberry HPAI Herbal Medicines
The best known efficacy of bilberry is to maintain eye health. Even though it can actually maintain the health of the whole body because it improves blood circulation in the body.
Bilberry contains Lutein which is able to build strong capillaries found in most blood vessels in the eye so that it increases blood flow and oxygen delivery into the capillaries. Increased blood flow to the eye can prevent ocular hypertension which can reduce the risk of glaucoma .
This fruit can also be used to increase their vision at night . This is because bilberry contains a flavanoid substance called polyphenols.This polyphenol substance helps increase microcirculation in the body’s metabolism, and accelerates blood flow to the retina of the eye .
The color of dark purple bilberry contains anthocyanin pigments. This pigment is useful for reducing the risk of canncer, eyes , heart and the heart’s circulatory system.
Bilberry helps stop the spread of macular degeneration due to damage to the retina experienced by people over 50 years of age.
Bilberry is also proven to prevent cartaracts , blurred vision and night blindness because of the content of flavanoids that build collagen in the blood vessels of the eye and protect vision and sensitive areas around the retina.
After research, Bilberry can treat diarrhea symptoms, increase blood flow, strengthen teeth, strengthen the skin from irritation and infection, and gastric / gastointestinal disorders.

Other Benefits of Bilberry HPAI
Even though it is best known as an herbal medicine for eye health, it turns out to have other extraordinary properties:
Improve digestive health.
strengthen the body’s immunity.
Improve blood health.
Bilberry has anti-inflammatory properties and accelerates healing of wounds and burns.
Improve heart health, because blood circulation is better.
Also stops bleeding from the wound.

So if you want to have healthy eyes and general body health, please consume herbal medicines for eye health, namely Bilberry HPAI Herbal Medicine which is guaranteed quality.

Rules for using Bilberry HPAI Herbal Medicine
During consuming Bilberry herbal medicine, it is highly recommended to drink warm water. These are the rules for taking Bilberry HPAI herbal medicine:
Adults 2 capsules twice a day taken after meals.

Bilberry (Vaccinum myrtillus fructus extractum)

Adult 2 capsules twice a day

Drink after eating and multiply
drink warm water.

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